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Annual Plan

A year at Madrasa Al-Ikhlas begins in January and concludes in December. During August, we provide a variety of activities such as islamic videos, games, stories, fun trips, arts and crafts and much more.
In accordance with Quran/Qaida recitation, each student is given the blessing to progress at their own rate according to their development and ability. Please see below for brief guidance as to what we follow and implement with Quran and Qaida studies.
Safar Qaidah

Guidelines for parents with a child as a student on Safar Qaidah:
At Madrasa Al-Ikhlas, significant importance is given to the correct recitation of the Quran. It is essential for students to receive help and support at home to assist them with homework.

The first stage is learning to read the Arabic script via teaching of the Arabic alphabet and following the rules of basic pronunciation using the text known as the Qaida. Each student will receive a minimum of one page at a time, progressing onto two to three pages, depending on their individual ability.

A student may complete the Qaidah, on average, between six months to a year depending on attendance and the amount practised at home. This estimate is given according to a child considered to be at a medium to a high-achieving level. 
After completion of the Safar Qaida, students are tested. A pass result permits the student to progress onto reading Juz ʿAmma and then to begin reciting the Quran. At this stage, students are required to be fluent, confident reciters in order to move on to the Quran. 

Juz ʿAmma

  1. Larger surahs (chapters) - at least one minimum given at a time.
  2. Shorter surahs - at least two minimum given at a time. 


On completion of Juz ʿAmma students’ progress to the Quran. 

1. Students either move onto the Nadhrah Program (recitation) or the Hifz Program (memorisation).
2. Hifz class will begin with Juz ʿAmma and continue until the whole Quran has been memorized. 

Nadhrah - reading

The Nadhrah Program starting from Surah Fatiha to Surah Naas, results in fluent reading of the whole Quran.

1. One lesson is recited to the teacher.
2. One is given for homework to recite.
3. Once students return to read to the teacher, they will read the following rukuh which comes
after their homework rukuh.

Hifz - memorisation

Students will memorise Juz ʿAmma and various duʿas every week. Starting from Surah Naas and finishing at Surah Duha, they will continue until the whole Quran has been memorized and depending on individual ability. 

Emphasis is placed on the high quality of recitation instead of quantity. The Hifz classes will include one-to-one sessions with the teacher. Students are tested after every surah to check for errors and their progress is tracked throughout the year.


Measuring success.
The previous generation has done most of the hard work so that the coming generations can focus on education, providing guidance to others and becoming a benefit to society.