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Welcome to masjid al ikhlas

One of the greatest blessings of islam is its admirable success in creating strong, warm, rich and durable bonds of love and brotherhood between people. Masjid Al Ikhlas & Cambridge Islamic Centre aims to echo and promote this ethos of brotherhood and sisterhood with a mix of prayer, education, cultural and lifestyle activities and deliver much needed support that will respond to the needs of our community and the community at large.  Read More about us   


We are delighted to announce the

Eid Prayer and Celebration details for this year

Eid will take place either on

Tuesday 5th or Wednesday 6th July.



Eid Prayers

will take place

First Early Morning Prayer at 8.00 AM on

Petersfield Common

Opposite the Swimming Pool  

(Town end of Mill Road by the Traffic Lights)


Please bring your prayer mats, Prayers will be held in the open 




Eid Celebration

Eid Celebration Picnic Get together will take place

at Milton Country Park CB24 6AZ

on Eid Day (Tuesday 5th or Wednesday 6th July)

from 2.00 pm.

Some Food will be available to purchase

but please feel free to bring your own food and share

(We encourage you to bring your picnic with you to share)


Event Details,

Milton Country Park CB24 6AZ

Click here for map



All day pay and display parking is available on site for just £3.50

This Eid event welcomes all Muslims to come enjoy the festivities of Eid 
according to the way of the Prophet Muhammad Sallahu aleyhi wa salaam.

The Great thing about this event is it is an all inclusive family event,
which hopes to attract all types of people.

Contact: Abdul-Kayum 07970290567

            Riyadh 07718287746



Ramadhan Announcement

Click here for a copy of the Ramadhan Timetable

There will be both Suhoor and Iftar provided for all,
everyday during Ramadhan, Insha'Allah

Sisters' Tuesday Circle 
will be held on Sundays during Ramadhan

2:30 pm until 4:00 pm
Coleridge School, Radegund Road, Cambridge

Quran and Sunnah Society Presents

Shaykh Abdul Hadi Umri

The virtues of fasting,

a time for meditation and change

View this and Previous Talks Here


Brothers' Circle 
Will begin again after Ramadhan, but
Monday Evenings (starting 11th July 16), Insha'Allah

Fiqh and Seerah for Men and Boys

Presented by Brs Ali and Amir
before Maghrib, every Monday, Insha'Allah
at Masjid Al-Ikhlas, Devonshire Road, Cambridge

Hifz Classes

Quran Memorisation for Boys (5 to 10)

contact Br Ali 07897684334

at Masjid Al-Ikhlas, Devonshire Road, Cambridge

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  Daily        Quran Reading - for Men and Boys
Fajr every Day  - at Masjid Al-Ikhlas, Devonshire Road, Cambridge


  Monday  Monday Brothers' Circle - Seerah and Fiqh for Men and Boys (begins 11 July 16)
                      before Maghrib on Mondays
                      at Masjid Al-Ikhlas, Devonshire Road, Cambridge

  Tuesday   Tuesday Ladies' Circle - for Ladies and Girls 12+
                     (on Sundays 14:30 to 16:00 during Ramadhan)

20:00 to 21:30 every Tuesday
                      at Coleridge School, Radegund Road, Cambridge

  Friday        Live Talk from London - for all
                     'Usool uth-Thalathah - Read by Abu_UmarFaarooq
19:00 to Maghrib every Friday  - at

  Saturday     Live Talk from London - for all
                      Explanation of Aqeedat-ul-Waasitiyyah
19:45 to 21:00
every Saturday - at 

  Sunday      Cambridge Islamic Youth Project - youth group for Boys (aged 8 to 18)
                      10:30 to 13:30 every second and fourth Sunday  of the month
                       at St Luke's Barn, St Luke's School, Frenchs Road, Cambridge


Permissibility of Combining Maghrib and Isha in the Masjid
in the UK during the Summer Months (link below)

 Link to Talk 






When the Messengar of Allah (Peace and Blessings be upon him) arrived in Madinah, there were four things that the Prophet embarked on:

  1. Establishment of the Masjid
  2. Establishing Brotherhood
  3. A covenant that would govern the relationships between the different people of Madinah
  4. Establishment of the Army

He started with the first project immediately -The Masjid. This was the first thing that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) did when he arrived in Madinah. However, just before he arrived in Madinah he stayed in Quba for a short time (Quba was a place in the outer provinces of the city of Madinah, but became part of Madinah in later times). The first thing he did when he arrived in Quba was to establish a Masjid and then the first thing he did when he arrived in Madinah was to establish a Masjid. Why did our beloved leader chose the Masjid as the starting point, as the first project for these places? Because the Masjid is the centre of learning for the muslims. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) had Dar-Al-Arqam in Makkah, and he built Masjid Al Nabawi in Madinah which expands the role of Dar-Al-Arqam. Dar Al Arqam was a secret location in Makkah where the muslims would meet, pray, and teach but now since the Messenger of Allah PBUH had established an Islamic State in Madinah it was no longer a secret location and was instead public, it was Masjid Al Nabawi.

When Masjid Al Nabawi was built it was a very simple building made from mud bricks and the roof was made of palm leaves which would leak when it rained. The floor was bare sand. Even though it was very simple, it was the most blessed Masjid where the first generation graduated from. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) joined his companions in the building of the Masjid, he was building and carrying the bricks alongside his companions (may Allah be pleased with them). 

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Ramadhan Timetable

Ramadhan Timetable

Timetable for Ramadhan 2016



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